Top Ten: Best Animated Voice-Overs

Here’s my top ten list on (in my opinion) the best animated voice-overs of all time. There were so, so many to choose from, so it was very difficult to condense this list down. Some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the list are: Chris Rock as Marty (Madagascar), Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona (Shrek), Angela Lansbury as Mrs Potts (Beauty and the Beast) and last but not least, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl (The Incredibles). But nonetheless, here are my favourites!

Which animated voice overs are your favourite? Let me know below in the comment section!

10. Ellen Degeneres – Dory (Finding Nemo) Never before have I loved a fish so much. “I speak whale!” Her long drawn-out sounds especially are hilarious, some great one-liners too.

9. Jeremy Irons – Scar (The Lion King) This vocal performance is simply frightening and fabulous. 

8. Antonio Banderas – Puss in Boots (ShrekAudiences loved him so much so, that he even got rewarded with his own spin-off.

7. Tom Hanks – Woody (Toy StoryThe one cowboy that we all know and love. Tom Hanks (as in everything he does) delivers a terrific and lovable character.

6. Steve Carell – Gru (Despicable MeEXCELLENT! Unexpected and endearing – capturing the essence of the character well. I can only commemorate Steve Carell for simply everything he does. He is my favourite actor after all.

5. Mike Myers – Shrek (Shrek) Let’s face it, Mike Myers is just bloody brilliant in everything he does! Bringing such a unique voice to the table, it made Shrek ever the more lovable.

4. Robin Williams – Genie (AladdinOne of the greatest voice-overs in animated cinematic history. This performance will never become dated. RIP Robin Williams.

3. Tim Allen – Buzz (Toy StoryNot just one of my favourite animated characters of all time, but a simply incredible, well-fitted voice to go with it. Bravo Tim Allen. Buzz beats Woody for me.

2. John Goodman – Sulley (Monsters Inc) Who didn’t fall in love with this large blue hairy monster?! 

1. Eddie Murphy – Donkey (Shrek) There’s no denying Eddie Murphy’s voice as the punchy, entertaining Donkey is memorably impressive.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten: Best Animated Voice-Overs

  1. Nice picks, i would have to have either John Leguizamo or Ray Romano from Ice Age. i personally think you can’t have sully with Mike they make such a great double act. i also enjoyed Dwayne Johnson in Planet 51 fully blown american stereotyped hero and i think Ryan Reynolds as Turbo worked really with all his enthusiasm even though the films weren’t great

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    • Good choices there – thanks for reading! True, Mike and Sully are one of the best duos, as are Woody and Buzz. Perhaps my next post will be on ‘Animated duos’!! John Leguizamo was great, in fact, it was a tricky decision for me between him and Dory. I haven’t seen Planet 51, but I will be sure to check it out! Would you say it was a good film overall? Haven’t heard much about this one, not sure why?…

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      • that would be an interesting list but i would expect to see a lot more supporting characters on that one.
        planet 51 is watchable to good i wouldn’t say it is great though, it has good cast, the rock, seann william scott, jessica biel, gary oldman and john cleese. it is kind of like ET where an astronaut lands on a planet that is all aliens and they act like the humans do in films scared, reluctant to help and want to experiment on them

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  3. Solid list! Certainly a lot of classics! If we’re counting all forms of animation including shows then I would put

    1. Kirito from Sword Art Online
    2. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach
    3. Zero from Megaman X
    4. Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan
    5. Aizen from Bleach
    6. Simon from Gurren Lagann
    7. Sasuke from Naruto
    8. Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist
    9. Vegeta from DBZ
    10. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

    All english dubs of course. For movies, it’s certainly a lot trickier. I would likely choose all comic book related characters from the various DC and Marvel animated films.

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