Top Ten: Worst films of 2014

Hidden among all of the good films from last year are also a selection of bad films, some of which I have included in this post. Last year there certainly were a handful of awful films, therefore I couldn’t help myself, and decided to create a list. You may not agree with my list, but that doesn’t matter as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I hope that you will find this list useful, as its simply the worst of the worst my friends, so you can choose wisely when the time comes to watch a good film. Enjoy!

However, before I start, my dishonourable mentions include, Exodus: Gods and Kingswhich was certainly no Gladiator, consisted of a weak script, dull characters and evoked nothing but tiredness throughout the whole duration, which I must emphasise was 150 minutes. Into the Storm however, did try. Though, it just tried too hard. As a result, it was as disastrous as the storm itself – avoid this film like Ebola. With Tammy, I like Melissa McCarthy and think Bridesmaids is comedy gold, but Tammy really fell short of the mark and she just came across as irritating. A shame, but it definitely hasn’t put me off her. The Interview was yet another over-hyped disappointment. James Franco will continue to be a hit and miss for me. I honestly don’t understand the high ratings it has received from critics, it’s satire, but not well written in terms of comedy in any sense.

Just remember, I warned you.

10. The Other Woman


How did the casting director convince Cameron Diaz to star in this forgettable film? If you want to see a group of girls fighting over a guy, experience a day at your nearest high school. And the fact that Nicki Minaj landed a role in this film made me immediately like it even less. I guess my biggest question is who funds these dreadful films?

9. Godzilla


This film fits into the category where the CGI was considered far more important than having a solid narrative. And taking into consideration the length of the film, Godzilla barely showed up, which for me was a huge disappointment. Not good at all.

8. Dracula Untold


At a conceptual level, this isn’t necessarily a bad vampire story, it just shouldn’t have the Dracula label plastered all over it. With regards to execution, however, the film is laughable. I think it’s fair to say we should feel lucky that Universal didn’t make it into 3D just to add insult to injury. It is certainly misleading.

7. The Giver

The Giver Film Adaptation 2014

It’s really not all that great. Not one of the characters shows depth nor is exciting to watch, each easily resembling cardboard cut-outs. It didn’t excite me, nor make me want to read the book. It just left me confused as to how so many people can like the book. Perhaps I’m just tired of the teen dystopia genre, but this easily wins my vote for one of the worst films of the year. All I can say is, I hope the book is better, for everyone’s sake.

6. The Inbetweeners 2


It’s hard to find a British film in the comedy genre that is genuinely funny. The first film installment of The Inbetweeners was passable (At the most). However, this one was awful. The acting was awful, the jokes were awful and the narrative…wait, what narrative?

5. Ouija –


Simply nothing wrong with regards to the cast, in fact, I felt sorry for them, having to work with such a dismal script. The film does exactly what it says on the tin. To put it simply, there is nothing special to see here. If you want some Ouija action, play it with your friends. I am sure that will result in a much higher thrill than this film did.

4. The Judge


Robert Downey, Jr. has never been worse, especially in terms of his on-screen laziness. By the end of the film, I was waiting for something to happen to at least make it worthwhile and…it never did. Totally forgettable.

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

I will start by saying I am not a fan of Wes Anderson films. The only one I was ever able to sit through was the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I even struggled through that. However, The Grand Budapest Hotel is on a lot of people’s good lists, which makes me question a lot. Why is this film ‘amazing’? And more importantly, how/why is this film funny?

2. Transcendence

Transcendence_film g

If there’s something I dislike, it’s a wasted opportunity. Especially when films that have the potential for something truly great then turn out to be bad. Transcendence was a film in which I had high hopes for, yet ended up being really disappointed by. Boring was an understatement. Depp’s worst film to date –  you do not want to waste your time on this one.

1. Divergent


Wish I had diverged from this one. Though I have no complaints regarding Shailene Woodley, the film itself is best left for the teenage ‘fangirls’ of the franchise. Everything in this film has been done, (and overdone) many, many times before. Overall, one of the most boring films I have experienced to date.

Now, I’m interested to hear which 2014 films disappointed you the most? Let me know in the comments section below!

25 thoughts on “Top Ten: Worst films of 2014

    • With Godzilla, I was very eager to see it, and by the time I got round to seeing it, I was disappointed by what it delivered due to having such high expectations as you could say the film was ‘over-hyped’. Oh I haven’t heard good things about that film…at all. I think it’s best I avoid that one! Thanks for commenting!

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  1. I dont understand how anyone cant love Wes Anderson’s whmsical style. The film is gorgeous to look at personally some of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen, the best production design I’ve ever seen. The story is very Wes Anderson and funny in a very subtle way. Ralph Fiennes is great and how about those cameo appearances from Harvey Keitel, Ed Norton, Bill Murray etc. etc.


    • Perhaps because everyone has different tastes – thank god they do! I understand that the cinematography is stunning, but apart from that, I’m stumped! Thanks for commenting though, it’s always nice to hear other people’s perspectives!


  2. I’ve only seen Godzilla and Transcendence, and I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. Not enough Godzilla—which is pretty f-ing ridiculous considering it’s the damn name slapped on the front—and Transcendence, well, my expectations were probably too high after seeing the trailer, as coming out of the cinema afterwards I found it to be mediocre, confusing and no real impact made. Another film of 2014 which could be on this list, for me, is Lucy; Scarlett Johansson’s acting was possibly the only thing bearable about this film, but by the end of it, my only thought was: What the f— did I just watch?. Made no sense whatsoever.

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    • Thank You very much for reading and commenting. I agree – Godzilla was one hell of a waste of 2 hours. Oh I can completely see where you are coming from with regards to Lucy. I thought the same, but at the same time I really enjoyed it. Scarlett delivered a exceptional performance (as always!) However, the element that was most disengaging had to be the constant use of wildlife stock footage throughout.

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  3. I’ve only seen one on your list and it happens to be Budapest which I liked for some reason. I haven’t liked any of his movies since Bottle Rocket but I thought this one was funny. Great post!

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  4. Well I do disagree with some of your choices. I think Lucy and The Amazing Spiderman: Rise of Electro deserved a spot on this list. Definitely agree that Divergent was horrible, I think we’re all a little sick of teen dystopian movies

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    • Oh really? I particularly enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man 2, so much so that I have seen it twice since. Yes, I think the teen Dystopia genre needs to really bring something special to the table in order to succeed – like The Hunger Games. Thanks for commenting.

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      • The problem I had with The Amazing Spiderman 2 was the same problem that Godzilla had – the titular character isn’t a substantial part of the movie. If I was watching a romcom, I’d have been happy with constanly seeing Peter and Gwen trying to make their love work but it’s a Spiderman movie, I need more Spiderman! I think the secret identity of a superhero deserves a fair share of screen time but Spiderman hardly shows up in this movie. Oh and Electro was underdeveloped and really a nothing villain. He’s evil because…the script says so.

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  5. I liked The Great Budapest Hotel mainly for its awesome art direction and cinematography and just how colorful everything is. But, I wasn’t a fan of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    I enjoyed The Giver for what it was mainly because I thought it’d be a lot worse. Low expectations tend to help.

    I was disappointed with Transcendence as well, but I don’t know if I’d call it one of the worst films of 2014.

    Divergent was ok, but it’s not really aimed at me. I too am tired of these dystopian films. The Maze Runner is the only one that I have interest in.

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  6. I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel! Though when I watched it with my mum she ended up finding it too odd for her, but then again the whimsical silly style isn’t for everyone I guess. And I couldn’t agree with you more about The Inbetweeners, I wasn’t even a fan of the original TV series. Divergent was also pretty boring, which is a shame since the book it is based on is a lot of fun to read.

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  7. Nice list, I personally wouldn’t put the hotel on my worst but i do understand that he has a comedy that doesn’t appeal to everyone (it wasn’t on any of my best list either). Godzilla i think worked well but falls victim to the ‘crazy’ monster movies we have had recently where the director wanted to take away the monster side of the story for a stupid human story.

    i never saw 10, 8, 7, 6 but never wanted too, might have tried The Giver. i liked the look of the Judge but also haven’t caught it yet.

    I said after watching Divergent i will wait until i see the second one because it felt like a 2 hour trailer for something that might be good.

    After seeing Transcendence i would say watch ‘The Machine’ which is what the film should have been.

    i did awards and only picked 5 which included Hercules (The Rock one), The Quiet Ones, Leprechaun Origins, Sabotage and A Million Ways to Die in The West.

    Sorry for long reply

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    • Thanks for commenting! I will be sure to check out ‘The Machine’, it sounds interesting. I hear A Million Ways to Die in the West wasn’t too good either…not worth a watch?
      Exactly, Godzilla should have had all focus on the monster, not the scientists.

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      • Enjoy The Machine,

        Million Ways is only worth a watch if you want any comedy you watch after to be funny. it was not funny at all and also misleading.

        Even though i hated the human story in Godzilla it was nice not having a monster just constantly destroying everything for once. but not gonna sit here and say it was good or bad

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  8. Oh no! I was wondering which films I would see on the list and quickly noticed The Giver, Godzilla, Transcendence, and Dracula Unbound. From those, I didn’t care for Dracula Untold so that would be on my list as well. I am not sure if I even saw 10 films in theaters so I may have to include some titles that I liked by default, but my top 10 worst films of 2014 (Just counting theater released films I suppose) would be.

    Bonus: Big Hero 6
    10. Maleficent
    9. X-Men
    8. Need For Speed
    7. The Giver
    6. TMNT
    5. Transformers
    4. The Maze Runner
    3. Hobbit
    2. Hunger Games
    1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. (Okay, I haven’t seen this one yet, but I strongly disliked all of the films in this franchise that I have seen so far. This one isn’t totally valid which is why I added the bonus. Move everything up a spot)

    Films 6-10 would be in the by default category as I still did think that those films were decent to good. I saw a lot of these films through DVD, which helped my list, but since I typically just watch safe bets and films that I’m confident that I will like, I didn’t end up seeing many that I didn’t care for. 2015 should actually have more “bombs” for me because I’m going to be watching quite a few films that could backfire including the James Bond and Jurassic World.

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    • Apologies for only just seeing your comment. Nice list – though I must disagree with regards to The Hunger Games, thought it was a great franchise despite being in the ‘Teen Dystopia’ genre. I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes and liked it to some extent, though I definitely agree, it certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Oh yes, Jurassic World is either going to be a hit and miss or turn out really good. Though I’m not convinced with regards to the cast…Spectre should also be interesting. May I ask why you didn’t enjoy Big Hero 6? Thanks again for commenting!

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      • No no, I liked Big Hero 6. I believe that I gave it a 6-7 in my review. It was one of the “by default” options as I didn’t see all that many theater films last year and ended up liking most of the ones that I did see. So, I liked Big Hero 6, but not quite as much as the others so it ironically got to be in my top 10 worst films. It’s funny how it turned out.

        For Hunger Games, I think that it is likely in part due to the Teen Dystopia genre. I like the concept of the genre, but the films are typically too dark and dramatic for me. I thought that the first two Hunger Game films were also much better than the latest film. Still, I’m confident that the final Hunger Games installment should be more enjoyable although hopefully they add some extra battle scenes since Katniss didn’t use her arrows almost at all in the latest film. (1 arrow I think!)

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  9. Godzilla sucked. And so did the other woman. But I loved Divergent. Thought it did a great job upholding the book’s promises! Insurgent was even better! 🙂 Ouija was decent… but a letdown.. 😦

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  10. I’ll begin by saying I totally agree with what you said on Transcendence – just terrible. But The Other Woman and The Grand Budapest Hotel I enjoyed. And your remark about British comedy – have you heard of Monty Python?

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