Minions (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

Sadly, they are sidekicks for a reason… 

First, The Penguins of Madagascar, now, we are presented with a spin-off of the small, yellow sidekicks from Despicable Me. Minions have lived since the prehistoric era; with the purpose of serving an evil boss. The boss has changed several times, from T-rex, Dracula, until Napoleon. The catch is, they always result in making their boss have bad luck. So, the Minions isolate themselves in a snow cave. After a while, they start to feel feel depressed and search for a new boss. The minions were adorable and humourous (to a certain extent) in short bursts, but a full film’s worth?

I will start by stating the obvious – I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. After over an hour of continuous squabbling, high-pitched giggling, or whatever you would categorise the noises in which they were making, headache-worthy is an understatement. On the other hand, there were several references to 60’s pop culture throughout the film which was different, and the music was somewhat decent. Everything here is over-hyped, to put it lightly. There was simply no moral, no meaning and an embarrassingly poor narrative…what’s the fun in that?

To conclude, I am a huge fan of animated films, but Minions just didn’t quite float my boat. It’s silly, over-the-top and to be completely honest, a headache of a film. It’s not often you’d catch me saying this, as I strongly believe that the animation genre is for all ages, but I’m afraid this one is only for the kids…or perhaps hardcore minion fans, whatever pops your corn…

11 thoughts on “Minions (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

  1. Every time I see the trailer for this on TV it always feels as if it was created just to sell even more minion merchandise, rather than being made out of passion. I thought the first 2 films in the series were okay at best, but just the lack of any intelligence make them so frustrating to watch at times. I hear Pixar’s Inside Out is coming out soon in the UK and I’ll probably just see that instead.

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    • Yes! You see, I really enjoyed Despicable Me, though the sequel wasn’t up to stratch. I dreaded the release of Minions, but had to give it a chance, as I would never judge a book by its cover. Oh yes, I’m looking forward to Inside Out too – by the sounds of it, it’s first-rate. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I think the sidekick movies are made just for kids. They respond to the sidekicks, the penguins and the minions as you say, they’re friendly and small and they identify with them. And yes, they’re HUGE merchandising opportunities. So these movies tend to be made rather sloppily and I’m not surprised, though maybe still a tad disappointed, to hear this.

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  3. This movie looked unbearably bad when I saw the trailer in theaters. I’m not surprised by the rating and I’d likely give it the same one or at least in that general area. We need kid friendly films that don’t have to resort to crude humor and gimmicks like this. I miss the classic days when we had titles like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer to appeal to everyone.

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  4. Whilst at times this did feel like spending an hour and a half with the Swedish Chef, I found the film very funny, bright, and inventive. But I do feel it would have worked better as a TV show. Also, is it possible to sell more minion merchandise? I feel like those things have occupied London!


  5. I was expecting a lot from this film, but I sadly did not have the time to watch it in the cinemas. But after reading predominantly negative reviews about the film, I no longer feel like watching it… I loved Despicable Me 2, but I think gibberish for 1 and a half hours might be overwhelming and annoying.

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