Spy (2015) ★★★★☆

Keep a close eye out for this one. 

Working for the CIA as an intelligence agent, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is mapping out missions to field agent, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), assisting him in his job. However, Fine is assassinated, leaving Susan to go undercover to bring down Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), before a nuclear weapon trade to the highest bidding terrorist takes place.

What I liked most about Spy is that is wasn’t a cheap comedy or a spoof. It is clear that money has been invested into the film in order to make it feel real. I also liked how fresh and creative the humour was. In fact, we need more films like this, so people can realise you can go against society, in terms of what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do/be. The action scenes are choreographed effortlessly, especially a fight scene crafted in a kitchen…(I will restrain from saying more due to spoilers). The only fault I could pick was that there was too much language, which was unnecessary, as the majority of the jokes didn’t even need to rely on it.

The casting for this film was simply brilliant – just as I thought that Melissa McCarthy was becoming the new Adam Sandler of the movies, oh boy was I wrong to ever underestimate her. Spy has undoubtedly given her a chance to shine, with a range of humourous disguises. McCarthy is very charming, lovable and can evidently kick ass. Jason Statham does a hilarious job playing Rick Ford, a spy working for the CIA who thinks he’s mightily intense. How he has been out of the comedy genre for this long baffles me. Jude Law is entertaining as Bradley Fine, one of the CIA’s most popular agents. Usually taking on the role of much more serious characters, it was good to see him play a narcissistic spy who isn’t quite the main focus of the film. Rose Byrne executes her role as the big-haired brattish villain. Miranda Hart does a brilliant job, evoking a lot of laughs throughout. Alison Janney’s ‘no-nonsense’ portrayal provides some of the most honest laughs in the film. This was most definitely an ensemble effort, where the film depended on each cast member to deliver the humour collectively.

Equally as great as Kingsman: The Secret Service, Spy is a surprisingly entertaining film. The perfect mixture of comedy and action, tying in a slice of social commentary without being too in-your-face. From Start to finish, I assure you, this one will keep your attention.

11 thoughts on “Spy (2015) ★★★★☆

  1. Nicely written. I thought the movie had some potential but never fully utilised it. The fighting scenes were great and made me think of Kingsman, now if it only would have made me laugh when Statham was not on screen…

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  2. On the whole, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve touched on. At least it’s all concise unlike the lumbering around I manage in my reviews. Spy was honestly a wonderful surprise of a film considering I expected far worse. Also, I’ve had a look at your other reviews and great work so far. As you’ve said, it’s good to hear the opinions of others (even if I sometimes think my opinion is correct; example: I almost got into an argument with someone who thought Gravity was dismal) and yours is duly noted. Keep it up!

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    • Thank You very much for such kind feedback! I agree – I expected it to be a overly cheesy spoof that would consist of humour that fell flat. Oh boy was I wrong! As you are a gravity fan, I must ask, did you prefer Gravity or Interstellar?

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      • Personally, Gravity wins hands-down but I enjoyed Interstellar and thought it was very good, although there’s a lot of people who don’t like it and I understand that. The only faults I had with Gravity were down to scientific accuracy but Interstellar, while visually incredible, had various stretches of logic. Either way, loved both of them but Gravity’s the one for me.

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  3. Hey,
    Thanks for liking my review of Spy, as I do yours. Shockingly, I didn’t even consider it’s similarities to KIngsman, and even though Spy has a better rating on rotten tomatoes, I think KIngsman wins by a smidge for me. Spy was a surprise and Kingsman, I already thought it was going to be good, and it was (but maybe that’s my British bias, since I was born in England, but we’ll ignore that :)). Anyway, if anyone wants to see my thoughts on the film, here they are: https://thequirkworks.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/spy-review/.

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  4. Good review – completely different experiences though bar the reference about the language.

    As I mentioned in mine, I think they went for cheap laughs and a mediocre finish. What’s the point in making a film that so blatantly advocates for ‘women can do anything’ when you have an incapable idiot like Miranda on screen? The men were idiotic enough without the need to further emphasise what an ‘amazing’ spy Melissa McCarthy was. It just undermines the entire message.

    The action scenes were OK, but this is a comedy. Why were the action scenes really in it if they weren’t funny?

    Humour is subjective, so we’re bound to disagree if we have a different sense of humour, but it just wasn’t for me.

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    • Thanks for commenting. It’s good to agree to disagree – that’s the beauty of opinions! I get where you’re coming from. The action fell flat at parts, though overall, I just let myself go and enjoyed this film without thinking too much into it. You either love it or you hate it – like most comedies! It’s certainly a hard genre to succeed in nowadays in the film industry. But I definitely praise the director for a good attempt. Heaps better than ‘Tammy’ anyway…!

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