Pixels (2015) ★★☆☆☆

Game-over for Adam Sandler’s acting career.

Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Tetris and Centipede are back; this time on the big screen. Unfortunately, they are not coming back for well…peace. Instead, they are sent by aliens to attack Earth. Brenner (Adam Sandler), one of the best gamers out there, along with his friends, try to stop them.

With a concept such as this one, something really great could have been produced if put in the right hands. But once again, Sandler and friends have left us with a paper-thin, yawn-fest that completely crushes its true potential. Sandler hurries his way through his lines and appears tired of acting at this point. The remainder of the cast barely offer any comedic purpose also. The CGI is average, and there isn’t near enough action as had been advertised with regards to the video-game characters. The majority of the film is filled with cheesy gags, Adam Sandler, ‘low-key’ homophobic jokes, nostalgia and more Adam Sandler…

As far as humour goes, I wouldn’t expect much here if I was you. There is a lot of political humour which just doesn’t fit in at all, not quite sure where they were going with that. The funniest scene in the film is when the Pac-Man creator, Toru Iwatani (Denis Akiyama) attempts to tame his giant yellow ‘child’. This is easily the funniest moment in the film. Too bad it was thrown into the trailer.

Though filled with flaws, Pixels is entertaining in parts, despite hearing from other critics that it was the ‘worst’ summer flick out there. But, it wasn’t as dreadful as Ted 2, so I’ve got to give it some credit. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously either. If you want to see a great film based on the video-gaming world, feast your eyes on Wreck-it Ralph. Overall, Pixels is not a dreadful film, but disappointing nonetheless.

7 thoughts on “Pixels (2015) ★★☆☆☆

  1. Well I’m glad you agree TED 2 is pretty awful…I could barely watch the trailer for that!

    Solid review and there was definitely some fun moments in there that would make it a somewhat, almost decent watch for fans of the characters.

    Pac-Man himself I hope gets an Oscar, everyone else though…razzies. The romance between Brenner and Violet was painful to watch since it was written so poorly.

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