We Are Your Friends (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

High School Musical skips college…

Aspiring DJ, Cole (Zac Efron), promotes himself at local clubs with his friends. On one of the nights, DJ James (Wes Bentley), (a well known DJ), is headlining an event promoted by Cole, along with his friends. James bumps into Cole behind the scenes and invites him to a party held at his home. From this point onwards, James helps Cole on a jounrey to launch his career as a DJ.

Having read my synopsis, I imagine you are thinking how dull the narrative sounds, and you’re not wrong. It also may sound slightly different to a lot of films out there. In this case, different doesn’t always mean good. EDM, (Electronic Dance Music) is at the peak of its popularity currently and it was only expected for Hollywood to cash in. But even having low expectations for the film, it still managed to disappoint me. The messy screenplay was a significant flaw – it was all over the place. Give a 12-year old a blank piece of paper; they’d probably do better. Even the soundtrack could have been a lot better, as well. Not sure as to where the ‘friend’ element comes in, as we never witness a connection to Cole’s friends, which is only bizarre considering the name of the film…but clichéd love triangles are right on the agenda.

The plot is predictable from a mile away, but to call it predictable is an absolute understatement. As for Zac Efron, he has become to teenage films exactly what Adam Sandler has to comedies…

Though Efron has progressed from holding hands with Vanessa Anne Hudgens in the corridors of East High, We Are Your Friends certainly lacks ambition. A good concept, but weak and to top it off, the performances don’t add any value whatsoever. A film that starts off with a lot of energy, but soon falls flat.

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