Pan (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

As flat as a frying pan. 

Directed by Joe Wright, during WWII, a young orphan named Peter, is kidnapped by pirates, who take him to Neverland. Here, he discovers his destiny to become the hero, who will be forever known as “Peter Pan”.

The script being its greatest flaw, contains some of the most absurd lines to come out of film in 2015. Pan will most certainly be a strong contender for ‘the silliest film of the year award’ alongside Tomorrowland and Jupiter Ascending. CGI heavy, Neverland appears to be more artificial than the flavourings in the food one would eat. Without any substance behind it, flying objects in the air and a blast of colour doesn’t do anything for the audience. As for the scene when the entire cast start singing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for no apparent reason; out of place is an understatement.

The acting is forgettable – the only stand-out is Hugh Jackman who proves he is still a good actor. Garrett Hedlund tried far too hard to depict Hook, it was painful. Yet another actor who lacked the strong characteristics he should have attained and was presumably hired merely for his pretty face. Cara Delevingne has once again proven to not be a box office hit as the mermaid – they may as well have hired Jennifer Lopez and she’d have done a better job. Rooney Mara does a decent job portraying Tiger Lily, despite all the “white-washing” nonsense. Though if you wish to see this actress hitting her full potential, check out Carol. Critics have rated Levi Miller’s performance as Pan…(I must be an exception because his performance wasn’t particularly credible in my eyes; go to the West End or Broadway and you’ll find better.)

Easily the worst film of the year, Pan paints a portrait of how film-making should not be done. It should have translated over to an adult audience since it is a story we have all grown up with over the years. Though one would imagine little children won’t mind all the nonsense.

5 thoughts on “Pan (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

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  2. This movie was such a disappointment for me. The concept for the movie was solid (acting as an intended prequel), but its execution was completely horrible. I really was looking forward to see this movie (one of my top movies to see in 2015). What gets me the most is that the movie’s story feels incomplete (as if this is part 1 of 2 or 3 installments). As I said in my review “Pan doesn’t have enough fairy dust to take flight in the cinematic world of movies”.

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