Panic Room (2002) ★★★★☆

Will truly make your head spin. 

After a sour break up with her husband (Patrick Bauchau), Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her daughter, Sarah (Kristen Stewart) have bought a new home in New York City. The first night spent in their new home doesn’t quite go to plan. Three intruders enter their house, resulting in the mother and daughter having to lock themselves away into a “Panic Room”. So much for a quiet night in…

Aside from what could be judged as a weak conclusion, Panic Room is nothing short of excellent. It doesn’t take long before the pace of editing begins to speed up, each scene filled to the brim with tension. It’s truly an experience you feel a part of. Just when you think you have the film figured out, it switches in a direction you wouldn’t expect. The cast did a great job, each taking on a convincing role. Forest Whitaker gave a stand-out performance, allowing us as an audience to feel his every emotion. The camera shots presented throughout are especially unique with an added element of CGI; used effectively nonetheless. The production design is equally as impeccable. David Fincher certainly knows how to create suspenseful, eerie thrillers and Panic Room is no exception.

Panic Room will have you glued to your seat. For a story about a single room to turn out as enthralling as this one, Fincher deserves a lot of praise. Add it to your watch list right away! Panic Room is incredibly underrated, and should not be missed.

8 thoughts on “Panic Room (2002) ★★★★☆

  1. I can immediately tell that this isn’t my kind of film, but good to see that the execution is spot on. (Minus the climax) I’ve always liked the concept of a panic room. I wouldn’t have much use for it, but I would have fun switching the name and making it the “Salty room” or something like that for video game purposes.

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