Top Ten: Underrated Films

Here are ten films that I like but aren’t so popular with the mainstream. These films tend not to get noticed, despite how wonderful they actually are. I could list many, but I selected a few which come to mind as of late.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Do you agree with my choices?

10. Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014) – An incredibly moving story about discovery and acceptance. Charming from start to finish, and will be certain to tug on your heartstrings.

9. Dope (2015) – Packed with witty dialogue, and a memorable soundtrack; Dope is stylish, heaps of fun and perhaps the most underrated film of the year so far. A very different take to the coming-of-age genre, and does so in a completely compelling and original format. A must-see!

8. Monster House (2006) – One of the most underrated animations. Containing elements of both horror and humour, the suspense is enthralling. The characters are lovable, the animation is simply unique – a film that is just as fun to watch on your own as it is with family!

7. Source Code (2011) – Gripping from start to finish. One of Gyllenhaal’s best and underrated performances. With only a 1 hour and 30 minute run time, Source Code is a must-see, and an unusual take on a sci-fi, with emotional depth.

6. Panic Room (2002) – Panic Room will have you glued to your seat. For a story about a single room to turn out as enthralling as this one, Fincher deserves a lot of praise. Add it to your watch list right away!

5. Frank (2014) – Not only does this film become memorable for its narrative, but also for its weirdness and distorted sounds. Frank is an uncommonly hard film to pin down. It’s quirky, ironic and heartfelt all at once, with an unexpectedly entertaining blend of humour. Though, I must emphasise, this is a very dark film.


4. Dial M for Murder (1954) – Though it’s not rated as high up on the list as some of Hitchcock’s masterpieces, this is still an excellent film. Comes to show that even his ‘lesser’ offerings are still highly watchable. Unfortunately, this was one of Hitchcock’s films that got the remake treatment…retitled “A Perfect Murder”, and it was utterly forgettable.

3. Pleasantville (1998) – A film that will truly open your mind. Excellent casting and performances, especially Tobey Maguire. You will not regret watching this.


2. Ex Machina (2015) – Ex Machina was my favourite film of 2015. It is such a shame when films like this that maintain a reasonably lower budget don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Filled with impeccable visuals, exceptional performances, and a narrative that has stuck with me months later, Garland’s debut is breathtaking. The sci-fi elements feel authentic despite the fact we’re still not even close to creating such technology. The film manages to cover some relevant themes without ever alienating the audience. Alex Garland is a director to keep an eye on; I very much look forward to see what he will bring to the table in the near future.

1. Mary and Max (2009) – The greatest stop-motion film I have ever seen. This film will forever hold a small place in my heart, and I highly recommend it. Not a film you want to watch when you’re in the mood for a ‘feel-good’ film…it’s quite the opposite. It’s deeply moving, humourous, and will most likely leave quite an impact on you. This is a wonderful, wonderful film.

Which of these films have/haven’t you seen? Any films I haven’t listed that you feel are very much underrated? I would love to hear them! Comment below!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten: Underrated Films

  1. This is a wonderful list Georgina!! There’s quite a number of films here I’ve heard a little about but have yet to watch,so thanks for the reommendations. Frank,Panic Room, Mary and Max are all on my watch list. Glad you included Dope!! It was such an inventive film and I liked the fast tone changes. Monster House reminds me of my childhood somehow HAHA,its always nice to watch it again :)) I would include Far from the madding crowd, Extremely loud and incredibly close,Tangerine,Anomalisa, MacBeth, Wildlike and Locke for recent years.

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    • Thank You very much! I look forward to hearing your opinions on Frank, Mary and Max and Panic Room. Yes, Dope was certainly edgy and bold, and deserved a lot more recognition!! Haha, me too – was one of my favourite childhood animations, and still stands as one of my favourites! I really enjoyed Anomalisa and Far From the Madding Crowd too! I must add Tangerine and Locke to my watch-list – thank you!!

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  2. Great list, again with some unique choices! I absolutely loved Panic Room, Frank, and Ex Machina! Dial M for Murder has been on my watchlist for a while thanks to your recommendation. And now, I’ll have to add Mary and Max – I’ve never even heard of it!

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  3. Nice list, the ones i have seen i loved, Frank, Ex Machina, Source Code, Monster House, Panic Room and Pleasentville. I always find it hard to decide whether a film is underrated or not, the one i will always suggest that ended up straight to DVD is Odd Thomas and another one to try would be The Nines starring Ryan Reynolds

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    • Great to hear! I will definitely check those films out too, thank you! I’d define a film as underrated if it doesn’t get the recognition it so rightly deserves, and other films that aren’t as good, but are said to be great are getting awards or tons of hype instead, if that makes sense?

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  4. I have seen Frank, Ex Machina, Dope and I very vaguely remember watching Monster House as a kid.

    My God, Mary and Max is one of the most soul-crushing movies I’ve ever seen. I did relate to it somewhat because Max had Aspergers Syndrome (as do I) but the ending made me cry for hours!

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  5. Dial M for Murder is definitely a blast! I haven’t seen any of the others yet, but I’ve at least heard of 1-2 of those. It’d be awesome to see a Top 10 Critically panned films that you liked list. Films under 10% on Rotten Tomatoes or something like that. (Maybe 50% since 10% might be a bit much)

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