Top Ten: Best Films about Masks

Masks serve as an on-going phenomenon on-screen throughout the history of cinema. Here are 10 films I rate to be the most iconic in terms of masked identity and are personal favourites/picks. Who doesn’t love the enigma of a good mask?…

10. Eyes Without a Face (1960) – This certainly makes for an unsettling mask, having no facial expression whatsoever. Following a car accident, she must hide the fact that her face is badly burned.

9.  Donnie Darko (2001) – ‘Frank the Rabbit’ manipulates Donnie to commit a series of crimes, but is not a supernatural being. Wacky and weird, hence a good watch.

8. Batman (1989) – Simply the best superhero pick.

7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – We never see Leatherface’s ‘actual’ face, therefore the mask is crucial to his identity.

6. Goodnight Mommy (2015) – A horror with an peculiar twist. Engrossing, but disturbing; a story about fairies and unicorns isn’t going to make a breakthrough, is it?

5. Star Wars (1977) – One of the most instantly recognisable masks in the history of film; Darth Vader’s.

4. V for Vendetta (2005) – A film that tackles controversial issues head on, and it doesn’t shy away from any topic. It attacks not only government issues, but terrorism, and homosexuality.  It is your choice to decide what to think about V…

3. Phantom of the Opera (1925) – This silent film speaks volumes. An early example of a classic horror of the 1920’s!

2. Frank (2014) – A more contemporary choice, and one not to miss. Frank delves deep into issues beyond the mask, and the personality it conceals, making for a captivating watch.

1. Halloween (1978) – And then there’s the mask maniac…Simplistic, but incredibly effective, Halloween slashes its way to classic material. Emphasised by an unsettling killer’s perspective, making it all the more frightening. Whether you’re a huge fan of the horror genre, or you’re just introducing yourself to it, Halloween is an essential mask watch.

What are your favourite films about masks? Tell me in the comment section below! 

17 thoughts on “Top Ten: Best Films about Masks

  1. What a great idea, and a great list! Loved reading this. Additionally, the mask from Drive always sticks out to me, even if it isn’t prominently featured in the film.

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  2. Random list! But fun. Can we have one on prosthetic limbs in the movies next! 😉 But there is one notable and obvious exception – Jim Carrey’s “The Mask”… surely one of the hottest and most spectacular debut appearances by Cameron Diaz in that red dress! Wow. “Somebody Stop Me!”

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