Wandavision (2021) ★☆☆☆☆

Save your vision and wander elsewhere.

“Oh my, look…it’s black and white, in 4:3 and has a laugh track! That means it’s great TV!” Or not. While the show’s aesthetic might look like a dazzling Old Hollywood 50s piece; its content doesn’t hold a candle. Even when Marvel manages to secure a great premise, they certainly manage to ruin it for themselves with a cheesy, unfunny yawn-fest of a script, an unamusing lead (Paul Bettany) and a cringeworthy laugh track. It really could have been good. It’s a real shame for Elizabeth Olsen as she does a great job and holds the weight of the mess on her shoulders, at least relieving us with some decency of performance.

WandaVision - Disney+ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Details

It can be credited for one thing, however. It’s the most creative work that Marvel has ever produced. Wandavision feels refreshed in its premise and is a thought-provoking concept overall. But the execution is where the fault lies. While it aims to scream “weird and whacky”, it misses short of the mark with a poorly written script and frustratingly dull acting from Paul Bettany. With a lead so unbelievably unfunny, it’s hard for your teeth not to instantly clench, cringing in his efforts. Perhaps a charismatic male lead would have saved the whole show? We’ll never know.

Well, this is an odd one. And sadly not the nice kind of ‘oddity’ that we come to love and appreciate. It can only be described as a cocktail of overhyped tripe, as you would often expect with anything brought to you by MCU. It doesn’t hold heart – it just screams hefty pay checks with heart-attack inducing figures. Honestly, save your vision and wander elsewhere.

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