Jurassic World (2015) ★★★★★

Claire and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

Are dinosaurs really mammals or simply theme park monsters? As a matter of fact, the answer is both, of course. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World is the fourth and fiercest instalment in the franchise yet. Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now embraces a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World. Visitor rates have declined in the past ten years of operation, so in hope to re-spark the visitors’ interest, a new attraction is created, which backfires terribly…

Jurassic Park is the kind of blockbuster that sadly, doesn’t get presented to us every day. It’s simply incomparable, being an iconic, ground-breaking roller coaster ride. A classic in fact, and certainly one that the previous two sequels, The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 were not able to particularly deliver on. Nevertheless, we’re now fourteen years on from the franchise’s last attempt, and Colin Trevorrow has bravely undertaken it upon himself to reinforce that trend, and present us with a true sequel that a triumph such as the original truly deserves. I give the man credit for that alone, as it’s definitely a hefty goal for any filmmaker to set eyes on, especially for one so early in his career. And oh boy did he deliver! Once it gets going, Jurassic World is an adrenaline rush that you’ll never forget.

As a whole, the experience is so magnificent that it’s genuinely hard to find real issues with it. Leave people to moan about the “stupid twists” and “bad science” (as seen on Twitter). As with every film, there will always be people who had unrealistic expectations for Jurassic World, or simply refuse to like it without giving it a chance, because the original was ‘unsurpassable’.

First with Guardians of the Galaxy, now this, Chris Pratt continues to deliver, proving to be a consistent and versatile actor in the trade. His charismatic character’s relationship with the Velociraptors is one of the film’s most intriguing aspects, also emphasising his caring nature. And you may or not be pleased to know, there is no dance-off with a dinosaur in sight. Bryce Dallas Howard does a great job portraying her character, who, from the word “go”, doesn’t tend to make the wisest of decisions…I think it’s fair to say high heels aren’t the way forward in this case. The supporting cast is particularly strong; Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson present a nice touch of humanity as Claire’s nephews. Vincent D’Onofrio once again takes on the role of the commanding villain, which he could most likely perform in his sleep by now. The score by Michael Giacchino is excellently done, including some extracts of John Williams’ iconic original score throughout. He gives Jurassic World a sense of its own identity, making it all the more new and fresh. Using music, Giacchino certainly knows how to make a scene feel that little bit more tense or thrilling. The action is beautifully executed and thrilling to watch; not once does it feel tiring.

As for how you view the film, that’s completely up to you. I watched it in 2D IMAX, and it was one hell of an experience. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not a massive fan of 3D myself. The majority of films nowadays are converted into 3D for the sake of it. Though, I imagine Jurassic World would be an equally good experience in 3D due to its content alone.

All in all, this film is not one to miss, it’s simply a summer treat. I may be in the minority when I say this, but Jurassic World definitely matches up to the original Jurassic Park, and (in my opinion) excels it. This blockbuster includes the right amount of elements and all measured out in the correct quantities: humour, action, great pacing, CGI (which I must say is very impressive!!) and sentimental in parts. It’s time to buy your tickets folks, because this park is only open for a limited time.

20 thoughts on “Jurassic World (2015) ★★★★★

  1. Wow, a perfect score! Most impressive, I’m glad to see that you enjoyed the film so much. I thought that it was definitely pretty well made and actually thought that the characters were pretty nice as well although I did not like Zach. I thought that the film went a little overboard showing just how mean he could be and flirting with the girls undermined his relationship to his girlfriend from the beginning. Of course, the dinosaurs are the biggest factor and they really gave us some great action scenes like the final battle. Definitely looking forward to the sequel.

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    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it too. It’s understandable as to why you didn’t particularly like Zach, as I wasn’t a fan at first either, though I think he somewhat grew on me over the course of the film, especially with the brother moments. The final battle was immense! There’s a sequel?


      • Late reply (Haven’t been online all that much this week) but supposedly Jurassic World is going to be the start of a new trilogy if the film did well. Since it’s breaking records left and right, I’m guessing that they’re already working on the drafts. I’m not sure where they plan to go with the series from here, but it should be a lot of fun!

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  2. Great review, really enjoyed reading. I may be in the same minority room with you on Jurassic World matching up to Jurassic Park, I have to go back and watch it again to make that decision. I’ll definitely check out some of your other reviews and hopefully you can check out some of my other posts as well.

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  3. I absolutely adore Jurassic Park (it was my favourite movie for a long time when I was younger) and Chris Pratt is just brilliant in everything he does! I haven’t seen it yet but based on your review alone I must go as soon as I can!

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  4. I have not seen Jurassic Park, but I am gonna see this film this coming Friday, as part of my corporation’s chill-and-relax sort of activities! If I were to pay for a ticket, I’d probably go for Minions (since I love comedy and animation), but I am given a free ticket so I thought I might give it a try anyway. It’s great to hear that you’d give the film five stars. Gives me more hope about seeing a good film on Friday!

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  6. I’d say it was a very entertaining movie to watch in theaters, but one I’d forget by the time it’s out on DVD. The acting is good, but the writing is cheesy, and the humor is goofy, if still fun to laugh along with. The action scenes are fitfully intense, and I haven’t heard the audience cheer like that during the climax since the Hulk threw down Loki in the first Avengers. The audience reaction on opening night was my favorite part, so I hope I’ll still enjoy it a second time.

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  8. Hi! I am back to this post after watching Jurassic World. Yeah, I know, I watched it a month ago, but I kept on forgetting to come back and comment on the review again.

    I like the film, and I definitely disagree with “stupid twist” and “bad science”. Honestly, “bad science” is not even a consideration for how good a film’s plot is… Those people are just nitpicking. However, I have some issues with the film. I don’t think there are bad twists, but I think there are a couple of badly conceived sequences. When the flying dinosaurs escape from their enclosure upon the intrusion of the Indominus Rex (sorry, I am not familiar with dino names), they began attacking the visitors. While I understand what the whole sequence was trying to show (some people said that whole scene was rather sexist, but whatever), I think the flying dinos’ attack was quite laughable. The CGI was really not convincing, and it just seemed that the dinos were having fun playing with the visitors. Truth be told I laughed at this point in the cinema. There were a couple other sequences similar to this, but not too many to diminish the overall quality of the film significantly.

    In all I agree that the film was good, and I will in no way try to compare to the original one because I have never seen Jurassic Park before (LOL). If I wrote a review of this I would have given in 4 stars, but sadly I am not very knowledgeable about film on the overall, so I dare not send out a review of a big movie and get slapped by film critics all around.

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    • No worries! Lovely to hear your feedback! Oh yes, I understand, I think some of the dinosaur scenes were done in a somewhat laughable way – not too certain it was meant to be humourous at that given point though…but, great point! I would have ideally given it four and a half stars, but I stick to full numbers in my star rating, making it quite hard for me to pin-point. Thanks for sharing your views, they are very accurate points you have made, and have made me reevaluate the “dino diving” (at the public) scene!


  9. I watched this in 3D – it wasn’t very impressive – truth be told I think the 3D craze is over for the time being and as a result not much effort is being put into it. The best 3D films I have seen to this date are A Christmas Carol (2009) and My Bloody Valentine (2009).

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    • I feel the same regarding 3D. The majority of my friends make sure they see every single film in 3D. I on the other hand, just don’t seem to care for it any more…if anything, it hinders the quality of the film. But, A Christmas was great in 3D, I must agree!!

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