Ted 2 (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

50 Shades of a Sperm Donor. 

Ted (Seth MacFarlane) and fiancée, grocery store co-worker, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) finally get married. But, after a year of marriage, things aren’t going particularly well for the couple. Ted however, has a solution…to bring a child into the family in attempt to save their marriage. The slight problem being, Ted (obviously!) can’t biologically make a child. From this point, everything starts to go downhill…

Aside from Ted’s CGI looking solid, this sequel is lacking. It seems that anything with Seth MacFarlane’s name attached to it is going to be a complete chore of a film. A misogynistic teddy bear dropping the F-bomb in every other line and making dick jokes isn’t a wonderful source of humour. A narrative that could have been significant gets lost under baggage of more F-bombs and crude, unfunny humour based around ‘diapers’.

If you like offensive humour, then Ted 2 is for you. If not, then it is likely to be un-bear-able… Just another tiresome sequel that is not worth the price of a cinema ticket. Not only does it contain the same jokes from the first instalment, but it repeats the new jokes multiple times in its 2 hour run time. If you wish to see a great bear film, check out Paddington, you won’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “Ted 2 (2015) ★☆☆☆☆

  1. Nailed it! My friends were watching it so I decided to tag along, not knowing what the show is gonna offer. I didn’t see the first film, so I was not aware of all the drug references and stuff. I was nonetheless quite put away by the “black cock” (sorry for the crude language but that is how it was phrased in the film) jokes once they keep recurring. In general, the source of humor started to piss me off by the time Amanda Seyfried appeared.

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